Planters FAQ’s

Will fiberglass planters and containers hold up to hot and cold weather?

Yes, fiberglass is a very stable composite and will hold up to your normal hot and cold temperatures that most of our customers currently experience. If you have questions about a certain environment, please contact us directly.

What are some advantages for fiberglass planter verses concrete or ceramic planters?

Fiberglass planters can be up to 10 times lighter than concrete and terra cotta planters. It would only take one or two people to move virtually all of our fiberglass planters. Concrete planters have the potential to break or chip when dropped or miss handled. Fiberglass won't break from minor miss handling and the finish may chip, but can easily be repaired with no damage occurring to the actual planter structure. The fiberglass molding process makes our planters water tight by design. We can also incorporate drain holes to allow liquid to drain when used outdoors.

Can fiberglass planters be used on roof-tops?

Yes, fiberglass planters are excellent for roof-tops, second level patios, and parking garages. Fiberglass planters are much lighter than concrete or Terra Cotta planters and reduce the load from the planters themselves. Palmetto Planters has provided a number of fiberglass planters and containers for "Green Roof" projects.